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Outfit by .Enfant Terrible. Kobadenbushi Outfit

Beard by BODY MOD – Rollo Beard Tintable [CATWA]


[NC] – Rocks Campfire




Hair by  .Entwined. Ellira

Dress by .Enfant Terrible. Witch please Maitreya Black

*SK* V i r g i n i a earings The Trunk Show 

.Oppa. – Nightmare Teddy Headband

bat glasses black by *Tentacio*

Belle Epoque { Discipline } Boots Black Epiphany

Belle Epoque { Discipline } Gloves Black Epiphany

Bliensen + MaiTai – Clarity – Necklace – back – silver The Trunk Show 


Astralia – Paparazzi (studio) RARE for @N-Twenty1

[LJ] Edgar Cake The Trunk Show 

[LJ] Edgar Cake Slice The Trunk Show 

[The Forge] Hocus Witch Hat, Black



=Zenith=Miao xianren Mask (Rose)

ERSCH – Lace Headpiece @TresChic

=Zenith=Witch Rose bracelet ring (Rose)

Luas Hikari Jacket RARE

Luas Hikari Headdress RARE

Luas Hikari Pipe – Exclusive

Hair by .Entwined. Ellira

::SG:: Leaves Mesh Nail Maitreya for Seasonal fair

:[P]:- Sorga Rings

[Buzz] Gleam Eyes – Pink

Dragon  + RARE Single Dragon (comes w hud & lantern)+ {egosumaii} by   Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

Earring Bazila Metal The Trunk Show 

M.Crimson -Valeria- Lipstick (Catwa) HUD Seasonal fair



Dress by *SK* V i r g i n i a Ivory+tulle dress Maitreya The Trunk Show 

ERSCH – Lina Necklace  @ShinyShabby

-SECRETS- Gaia Earrings – Gold The Trunk Show 

.Entwined. Ellira’hair wlrp

:[P]:- Sorga Rings

Neomenia.C: lipstick Daria [FATPACK / HUD] Seasonal fair

Flowers by The Annex – Floral Pomander (ANIMATED) The Trunk Show 

::SG:: Sheer Shoes Maitreya The Trunk Show 

Pose by +Dreamcatcher+ Sweet Succubus Seasonal fair


Tres Beau Royalle Gazebo Ivory Pink The Trunk Show 




Dress by  *LE* Gwen Genre

1) … MINA Hair – Hannah for Hairology   Hannah comes with a StyleHUD Package includes: A Rigged and an UNRIGGED mesh hair. A color HUD that with a “remove scripts” feature. The hud also has an option to turn materials on or off! Each color pack contains 15 different shades!

Nails by Astralia – Salem polish + Astralia’s nails Coffin model

Bliensen + MaiTai – Dusky – Bat Necklace – gold 2 Genre

Entice – Lionhearted Girl Vembrace – Genre

‘WarPaint* Spidey lashes Applique


JCKLP / Witchy Collection / Pentagram Backdrop – 02 RARE @Season of the wtiches 

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Round Carpet@Season of the wtiches 

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Hanging Cages – Medium Chain@Season of the wtiches 

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Caged Familiar – Bat @Season of the wtiches 

:[P]:- Boora Light:// Gold {skull} Epiphany

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Trapped Spirit Frame – One

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Alter@Season of the wtiches 

JCKLP / Witchy Collection / Skull+Grimoires@Season of the wtiches 

:[P]:- Carcine Lamp:// Gold Epiphany

JCKLP / Witchy Collection / Cat+Spellbook@Season of the wtiches 

:[P]:- Kixi Bottle:// Candle Epiphany

[NC] – The Witch’s Throne – Dark@Season of the wtiches 




Dress by .Enfant Terrible. Ishtar Maitreya

Gloves by Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -Eternal Night- Eye gloves

Necklace by Schadenfreude Mustela Skull Necklace @Season of the wtiches 

.::Nanika::. Resistance tattoo Henna Maitreya

Hair by [NYNE] ‘Camilla’ Hair – The Darkness Monthly Event

Crown by .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Lethal Stalagmite Crown – Onyx

5.Yokai – Dead garden – Accessory on head wcandles (gold)  for TDSF5 – Day Of The Dead

ERSCH – Devil Gacha Comb RARE 2 For the Epiphany Event Oct

Horns by ARTERY // Bloody mini Horns Applique


Astralia – Horrorfest backdrops (Rest in Peace) for Epiphany ❤

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -Eternal Night Gacha- LEO Black

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -Eternal Night Gacha- LEO White

NecroCrypt arc Dark  and NecroCrypt tree dark by mUSHILU for  We LOVE RP 



Flames by + Nekomata Head Flame Red + {aii}

/Wasabi Pills/ Harper Mesh Hair

:[P]:- Swyrl Horns [Female-Ridged]

:Moon Amore: NeverMore / Candle Shoulders  Salem 

:Moon Amore: Nevermore / Portal Hands / Bloody  Salem 

Body cage :Moon Amore: Nevermore / Raven’s Queen  RARE  Salem 

:Moon Amore: Nevermore / Raven’s Queen / Harness Top RARE  Salem 

[The Forge] Leticia Armwrap, Red for Epiphany

[The Forge] Leticia Skirt, Red for Epiphany

[The Forge] Leticia Staff Epiphany

Mask by Astralia – Fuck Reality mask NEW @Season of the wtiches 

Astralia – Horrorfest Bloody Knife

ERSCH – Muertos Headpiece (with back) For the Dark Style Fair Event 

ERSCH – Bat Wall Decor

Luas Nightmare Harness Maitreya Fatpack for @ Panic of Pumpkin event

Unicorn Thorn Bloody Hands Maitreya Applier

Violetility – Persephone Necklace  @Season of the wtiches 



ERSCH – Dora Earrings  @On9

.::Nanika::. Ardor tattoo White Maitreya

/Wasabi Pills/ Kaya Mesh Hair –

:[P]:- Maitreya Nailpolish:// Harami

On the left Belle Epoque [ Kasie ] Pink

On the left {le fil casse} Dyana Dress Maitreya

Earings and necklace by LaGyo_Emily

Hair by .Entwined. Ellira We LOVE RP 




*SK* NAOMI black Sheer Dress Maitreya

.::Nanika::. Spiders Choker

.peaches. The Pack Survives Sword (BLACK SHEATH)

:[P]:- Boaz Scepter [Normal RIGHT]We LOVE RP 

Tatto by [ATI] Leo Skulls… Maitreya Applier… The Darkness Monthly Event

Hat by Air_Rokuyou_black+silver_CMWe LOVE RP 

Belle Epoque [ Hannah Tights ] We LOVE RP 

CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Triad Halo / SILVER

Hair by *C* Lilith 2 – We LOVE RP 

LIPS by Zibska Cornelie Catwa Applier




On her

Sneakers AZOURY – Ady Basket

.::Nanika::. Spiders Choker

.Entwined. Ellira  We LOVE RP 

Dress by UNA Kaima Black Silk  We LOVE RP 

Face tatto LIVIA::Sugar Skull No.3 (Red) [Catwa] The Darkness Monthly Event

On him

 BODY MOD  – Insanity Tattoo

Pants by Mossu – Wood.Sweatpants

Sneakers by [The Forge] Acolyte

Pose by *PosESioN* Pretty Guys Couple  The Darkness Monthly Event