[The Forge] Belle Top.

MINA Hair – Leslie (fitted)

Belle Epoque { Dare To Dream } Gloves Black

Belle Epoque { Dare To Dream } Headpiece Black

Belle Epoque { Dare To Dream } Shoes Black for  Lootbox

ERSCH – Tanya Earring Chain

ERSCH – Tanya Earring Deer

.ET. Norsa overskirt Red


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=Zenith=BomberJacket/sweater dress/bag (Sliver) -Lara

*N*Frozen Faun’s horns for We LOVE RP 

[NYNE] Hair ‘Milly’ – We LOVE RP 

ERSCH – Zoe Gacha MAITREYA LegBelt Silver

ERSCH – Zoe Gacha MAITREYA Socks Mid Blue


08 Sorumin & Yokai – Winter song – Treats for birds (walnut)

[The Frost] Winter Nature Scene wa18 for the Trunk Show

[NC] – Christmas Poinsetta –

Sorumin & Yokai – Winter song – Little friend (lilac\pinkl)


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ERSCH – Emma Headband

Belle Epoque { Francesca } Black  We LOVE RP 

[NC] – Dark Soul – Arm Bands Black Maytreia  We LOVE RP 

Skin amara beauty – Eliza Peach – CATWA applier We LOVE RP 

[EZ] Horus Spear


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=Zenith=Jeans hoodie jacket / sweater dress for C88

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gymtastic Day – Shoes BLACK

ERSCH – Lorana Socks MAITREYA Mid

Hair by *Tentacio* Amy look

school phone by *Tentacio*


{YD} Christmas Pickup for We LOVE RP 

After school backpack by *Tentacio*

1.Yokai – Playful Piggy – Little Devil RARE

2.Yokai – Playful Piggy – Angelic RARE

3.Yokai – Playful Piggy – Walking Piggy (pink)

8.Yokai – Playful Piggy – Piggy in love (gold\violet)

.: Runic :. Magical Pathway Silver v.1 (Shape 1) for We LOVE RP 

{YD} Christmas Ornaments  We LOVE RP 

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Dress by Infinity_Anastasia Green for We LOVE RP 

Lakrya – Ayla Mesh Tiara We LOVE RP 

MINA Hair – Lianne

ERSCH – Simple Veil

+ Swordmaiden Betrayal Swords (blue) + {aii} We LOVE RP 

+ Swordmaiden Tattered Drapes Betrayal (red) + {aii}

*N*Chinese Lantern horn Purple

Zibska ~ Till Eyemakeup We LOVE RP 

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new_001. 1.jpg


{le fil casse} Shiloh Dress

*N*Japanese anemone Choker Pnk for Whimsical

ERSCH – Freelei Gacha MAITREYA Headband

ERSCH – Freelei Gacha MAITREYA KneeSocks Jade

[NYNE] Hair ‘Rossa’ – We LOVE RP 


[noctis] Swedish Box Settle/Blue floral  We LOVE RP 

UNA.Christmas balls

UNA.Leaf Blue

04. Lagom – The old bus stop [Lantern black] Whimsical

3.Yokai – Deer family – Candy deer (silver)

18.Yokai – Deer family – Mommy and Me (coconut milk)

Candy Crunchers – MoMo – X-mas – Blanket Green

Candy Crunchers – MoMo – Xmas – Sled – RARE

muffins breakfast,raspberry drink,waffle feast by *Tentacio* Breakfast time



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123 т.jpg


LaGyo_Veruschka Round Chain Earrings and Necklace for Collabor88

MINA Hair – Sigrid

-00-Emperor mantle for We LOVE RP 

ERSCH – Autumnization Crown Queen

Dress by Belle Epoque { Adriana } Night We LOVE RP 

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Paxton Gloves

Skin amara beauty – Olivia CATWA applier We LOVE RP 

Pose by MOVEMENT -I got attitude at  eBento 

[NC] – Spiky Helmet – Copper

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=Zenith=Vampire Hunter Leg Belt (Black) -Maitreya We LOVE RP 

[The Forge] Succubus Gloves, Black

[The Forge] Succubus Headpiece

[The Forge] Succubuss Boots, Black


LaGyo_Anastas Face Mask – Black

MINA Hair – Kim

Pose by MOVEMENT – Modern Witch  The Seasons Story 


UU – Draped Throne – Adult W/Podium We LOVE RP 

[NC] – Antique Columns — We LOVE RP 

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=Zenith=Venetian Style Flower Masquerade Mask (Black) -Gold

MINA Hair – Annie (Fitted) Hair Fair!

Belle Epoque { Gleaming Skies } Necklace

Belle Epoque { Gleaming Skies } Outfit Night

Belle Epoque { Gleaming Skies } Shoes Cream

Witch spell book black by *Tentacio* Teen witch


1.Yokai – Pumpkin Family – Kawaii Pumpkins RARE

3.Yokai – Pumpkin forest – Bunny in pumpkin (silver)

1.Yokai – Pumpkin forest – Forest Friends ladder(Resizer)- RARE

[noctis] Witch of Air spell making set We LOVE RP 

UU – Heart Gift Box with UU – Key to my Heart  We LOVE RP 

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[NYNE] Hair ‘Cloee’ – for  We LOVE RP 

A&A Staff of the Spider Queen 1.0 We LOVE RP 

glutz . capra boots .We LOVE RP 

ERSCH – Long Sharp Nails MAITREYA for Dark Style Fair Event

Zibska Bellona Lips Catwa Applier

Zibska ~ Bellona Brows

*The Mystic*spiked leather bra top(Black) -Maitreya by Zenith for Salem

[NC] – Wraith Protector – Maytreia Gloves

[NC] – Wraith Protector – Maytreia Pants Black We LOVE RP 

Pose by MOVEMENT -Here comes the bride

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